What is 903 area code? Location map, time zone, and phone lookup

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The 903 area code is not just a series of numbers; it’s a signature of Northeast Texas, encompassing cities like Tyler, Longview, and Marshall. This area code has witnessed significant events, growth, and changes over the years, making it an integral part of Texas’s telecommunication history.

History and Coverage

Introduced as one of the original 86 zone codes in 1947, the 903 area code primarily covers Tyler and its surrounding regions. It’s incredibly significant to note that Tyler isn’t the only city under this code. Longview, Marshall, Palestine, and Sulphur Springs also fall under its umbrella. An overlay, the 430 area code, was introduced to accommodate the growing number of users.

Why Tyler Stands Out

Tyler, often referred to as the “Rose Capital of America,” is a vibrant city with a rich history and a promising future. With a population surge from 97,402 in 2010 to 105,730 in 2019, Tyler’s economic growth and entrepreneurial spirit have been commendable. The city offers a wealth of opportunities for businesses, with over 537 companies providing more than 38,000 jobs. The golden era of Tyler’s economic growth was between 2012 and 2016, where the median household income grew by 11.3%, and the unemployment rate dropped from 6.9% to 4.1%.

Safety First: Beware of Scams

Residents of the 903 area code, especially those in Tyler, need to be cautious. There have been instances where scam calls, particularly from Sierra Leone, targeted this area code. It’s always advisable not to return calls to unfamiliar numbers, especially those appearing to originate overseas.

Getting a 903 Area Code Number

For businesses looking to establish a local presence in Tyler or any other city within the 903 zip code, several services offer virtual phone numbers. These services enable businesses to activate a new 903 zone code phone number in minutes without the need for physical store visits.

Where serve The 903 area codes?

The 903 area code serves the northeastern part of Texas, United States. It covers several counties and cities in this region.

Some of the notable cities within the nine hundred three area code include Tyler, known as the “Rose Capital of America”; Longview, also known as the “Balloon Capital of Texas”; and Texarkana, a city that straddles the Texas-Arkansas border and is often referred to as the ‘Twin City.’

The 903 area code was created in 1990 after a split from the 214 area code due to growing demands for telephone services in Texas. The nine hundred three area code operates within the Central Time Zone.

Where is Area Code 903?

The 903 area code location covers a large geographical area within Texas. This includes parts of the eastern and northeastern regions of the state, specifically counties such as Gregg, Smith, and Bowie.

A Closer Look: Cities within the 903 Area Code

Now that we know the nine hundred three area code location, let’s take a closer look at some of the key cities that fall under this area code.

1. Tyler: The Rose Capital of America

Tyler, a city recognized for its rose production, is one of the more notable cities within the 903 area code. Not only does it host America’s largest rose garden, but it also stands out for its educational facilities and healthcare services.

2. Longview: The Balloon Capital of Texas

Another city in the 903 area code is Longview. Known as the Balloon Capital of Texas, Longview is recognized for its Great Texas Balloon Race, which draws visitors from all over the state and beyond.

3. Texarkana: The Twin City

Texarkana, another city located within the 903 area code, straddles the Texas-Arkansas border. It’s often referred to as the ‘Twin City,’ as there’s a Texarkana in both states!

What Area Code is 903?

The 903 area code is a significant part of Texas’s telecommunications landscape. Created in 1990, this area code was born out of necessity due to the exponential population growth and the increased demand for telephone numbers in Texas.

History: The Birth of the 903 Area Code

The 903 area code came into existence following a split from the 214 area code, which previously served a vast region. As technology advanced and the population grew, the need for more telephone numbers became apparent, leading to the creation of the nine hundred three area code.

Significance: The Role of the 903 Area Code in Texas

The establishment of the 903 area code played a pivotal role in maintaining effective communication across the northeastern region of Texas. It also played a role in the state’s economic growth, as this allowed for the expansion of businesses and services.

Understanding the 903 Area Code Texas

The nine hundred three area code in Texas is an emblem of northeastern Texas’s rich culture, historical significance, and progressive growth. It covers numerous counties and serves as a communication lifeline for residents and businesses alike.

Time is Ticking: 903 Area Code Time Zone

The 903 area code time zone aligns with Central Standard Time (CST). This means when it’s 12 PM (noon) in the nine hundred three area code, it would be 1 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST) and 10 AM Pacific Standard Time (PST).

Daylight Saving: The Clock Changes

Just like the rest of Texas, areas within the 903 area code observe Daylight Saving Time. The clocks spring forward an hour on the second Sunday of March and fall back an hour on the first Sunday of November.

Exploring Boundaries: 903 Area Code Zip Code

The 903 area code zip code varies as it spans multiple counties and cities. Each city within the nine hundred three area code has its own set of ZIP codes. For instance, Tyler ranges from 75701-75710, Longview covers 75601-75605, and Texarkana includes 75501-75507.

In Detail: Understanding Zip Code Significance

ZIP codes are vital for mail delivery, demographic analysis, and emergency services. Each 903 area code zip code plays a critical role in these operations and more, ensuring efficient and accurate delivery of services and resources.

Visualize it: 903 Area Code Map

The 903 area code map is a visual representation of the geographical coverage of this code. It outlines the exact area where the nine hundred three area code applies, offering clarity about the reach and extent of this particular area code.

Decoding the Map: What Does it Show?

The nine hundred three area code map highlights the specific regions within Northeast Texas that the 903 area code covers. By examining the map, one can see the vast expanse of this area code, from small towns to bustling cities.

The American Connection: Area Code 903 USA

The nine hundred three code 903 USA is uniquely American, distinctly Texan. As part of the North American Numbering Plan, it is a piece of the complex telecommunication puzzle that connects the vast and diverse United States.

A Global Perspective: International Dialing

For international callers wishing to reach someone in the area code 903 USA, they would need to dial their country’s exit code, followed by the US country code (1), and then the nine hundred three area code.


From its humble beginnings in 1990 to the pivotal role it plays today, the nine hundred three area code holds a unique place in the vast telecommunication landscape of the United States. Its significance goes beyond just being a set of numbers. It embodies the spirit of Northeastern Texas, with its rich culture, robust economy, and a tapestry of towns and cities each with their unique charm. As we dial these three digits, we’re instantly connected to this part of the American heartland, reminding us of the intricate web that keeps us all connected.


Robert Johnson, Truck Driver

“As a truck driver making deliveries throughout Texas, understanding the layout of different area codes is essential for my job. The area code 903 location, above all, is crucial as it covers some of my main delivery routes. Being familiar with it has made my life a whole lot easier.”

Emily Watson, Recent Graduate

“During my college years, I had friends from all over Texas. When someone mentioned they were from the 903 area, I was all of a sudden intrigued. I asked myself, ‘Where is code 903?’ After all, I wanted to know more about my friends’ hometowns. Looking it up broadened my knowledge of Texas.” –

Michael Phillips, Sales Manager

“As a sales manager, my team and I often communicate with clients from various parts of the country. It’s our job to know things like ‘What area is 903?’. Although this may be true for most businesses, for us, it’s a key point for delivering personalized service. After all, it’s the little things that count.” –

David Wilson, Long-Distance Boyfriend

“I’ve had a long-distance relationship with my girlfriend, who lives in Northeast Texas. Despite the miles, I feel connected to her part of the state, especially when I dial the 903 area code Texas. All in all, it’s amazing how something as simple as an area code can make you feel close to someone.”

Rebecca Thompson, Online Tutor

“I run a tutoring service that caters to students across the US. The 903 area time zone is important because I have many students from that region. Accordingly, I arrange my schedule to ensure I’m available during their study hours. Afterward, it’s easier for everyone involved.”

John Adams, Real Estate Investor

“As a real estate investor, details matter to me. One such detail is the 903 zip code. Basically, knowing this helps me in my market research and property evaluation. Additionally, it gives me a sense of the community I’m investing in.” –

Elizabeth Davis, Geography Teacher

“I’m a geography teacher, and I always emphasize to my students the importance of understanding area codes. Analogous to landmarks on a physical map, area codes like 903 are landmarks on a communication map. The nine hundred three area code map is one such example I use in my classes. All things considered, it’s a great teaching tool.” –

James Baker, Call Center Representative

“I work in a call center and speak with people from different parts of the country. Above all, being familiar with different area codes, such as the area 903 USA, is an important part of my job. Consequently, it has made me more effective in serving our customers.” –Categori


What area code is 903?

The 903 area code is a telephone area code serving the Northeast region of Texas, including cities like Tyler, Longview, and Texarkana. It’s the area code for Northeast Texas, primarily covering Tyler and its surrounding regions.

What area is 903 308 phone?

This is a specific number within the 903 zone code. The exact location would need a more detailed lookup.

What area code is Paris Texas?

Paris, Texas, is also covered by the 903 area code.

What area code is 930?

The 930 area code is not related to the 903 zone code. It serves a different region.

What time zone is area code 903?

Area code 903 is situated in the Central time zone, often referred to as America/Chicago.

Where is the area code 903 located?

The 903 area code is located in Northeastern Texas, covering parts of the eastern and northeastern regions of the state.

What area code is 903?

The 903 area code is part of the North American Numbering Plan and serves Northeastern Texas. It was created in 1990 following a split from the 214 area code.

What is the 903 area code Texas?

The 903 area code Texas refers to the telephone area code serving the northeastern part of the state of Texas.

What is the 903 area code time zone?

The 903 area follows the Central Standard Time (CST). The region also observes Daylight Saving Time, adjusting clocks forward or backward by an hour during specific periods of the year.

What is the significance of the 903 area code zip code?

The 903 zip code is crucial for accurate mail delivery, demographic analysis, and efficient emergency services. Each city within the 903 area has its distinct set of ZIP codes.

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