659 Area Code: Locale, Time Zone, Map, and Telecommunication Essentials

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The 659 area code is a numerical representation allocated for a specific geographic area in the telecommunication system. It is part of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) that helps differentiate phone numbers within the United States.

Area code 659, a three-digit numerical designation, plays a pivotal role in the telecommunication arena. This geographical representation distinguishes phone numbers belonging to a certain region. With its association with a vast landscape, understanding the 659 area code’s location, time zone, map, and the nitty-gritty of making a call becomes essential.

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Pinpointing the Location: Where is the 659 Area Code?

Area code 659 is a recent addition to the zone code family, located in the heart of Alabama, United States. The 659 code envelops the metropolitan region of Birmingham, providing additional numbering resources for this densely populated region.

Breaking Down the Time Zone: When to Dial a 659 Number?

Time zone considerations are crucial when planning your calls. The 659 zone code falls under the Central Time Zone, just like the majority of Alabama. The Central Time Zone is typically six hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC-6) during standard time and five hours behind during daylight saving time (UTC-5).

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Mapping the 659 Area Code: A Geographic Overview

659 Area Code location
659 Code location

While looking at the map, you’ll notice that the 659 area code expands beyond Birmingham, Alabama’s largest city. It stretches into surrounding cities and towns, including but not limited to, Fairfield, Hoover, and Trussville. These areas, rich in Southern culture and history, are now part of the vibrant telecommunication landscape covered by the 659 zone code.

Mastering the Dialing Process: How to Make a Call to the 659 Area Code?

Executing a call to a 659 number is relatively straightforward.

1. Domestic Dialing

If you’re calling from within the United States, simply dial the 10-digit number – starting with the code 659, followed by the seven-digit subscriber number.

2. International Dialing

For international callers, there are a few more steps. First, dial your country’s exit code, followed by the U.S. country code (1), then the area code (659), and finally, the seven-digit subscriber number.

659 Area Code: More Than Just Numbers

The 659 zone code is more than just a number; it is a testament to the growing telecommunication needs of Alabama. It represents a lifeline that connects people and businesses, enhancing communication and fostering connections within this vibrant community.

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Conclusion: Decoding the 659 Area Code

To sum up, the 659 code, with its associated location, time zone, and map, represents a significant chunk of Alabama’s bustling communication network. Whether you’re planning to make a call or understanding its geographical significance, the 659 zone code plays an integral role in connecting lives. As our world becomes increasingly digital, understanding these numerical representations helps us stay connected, navigate communications effectively, and appreciate the intricacies of our global telecommunication systems.


What is the location of the 659 area code?

The 659 area code location is in Alabama, United States. It primarily serves the metropolitan region of Birmingham, which includes the city itself and surrounding towns and cities such as Fairfield, Hoover, and Trussville.

What Area Code is 659?

If you’re wondering what area code is 659, it’s an area code assigned to the Birmingham metropolitan area in the state of Alabama. This area code was established to accommodate the increasing demand for telephone numbers in the region.

Where is Area Code 659?

You’ll find this area code in the southeastern region of the United States, more specifically, in the state of Alabama. The 659 zone code covers Birmingham and its adjacent areas, serving as a key component of their telecommunication system.

What does the number 659 mean for an area code in the USA?

The 659 area code USA refers to the specific telephone zone code assigned to the Birmingham metropolitan region of Alabama. It’s part of the NANP, which includes not just the United States, but also twenty other countries including Canada and a number of Caribbean countries.

Are there scams with the 659 area code?

Like any other area code, the code 659 scams can be a concern. Scammers often use local numbers to gain trust and exploit unsuspecting individuals. While the zone code itself is legitimate, it’s crucial to be vigilant and verify any suspicious calls claiming to originate from a 659 number.

What is the time zone for area code 659?

The 659 zone code time zone is the Central Time Zone. Alabama, including the Birmingham metropolitan region, observes Central Standard Time (CST, UTC-6) during the non-daylight saving period and Central Daylight Time (CDT, UTC-5) during the daylight saving period.

What does 1-659 mean as an area code?

The 1-659 area code is how you would dial a 659 number from outside the United States. The prefix “1” is the country code for the U.S., so any international call to a 659 number would start with “1,” followed by the area code and the seven-digit subscriber number.

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