Area Code 940: Location in USA, Time Zone and Map

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Area code 940 is a telephone code assigned to the US state of Texas, specifically for the regions of Wichita Falls and Denton. Established on July 7, 1997, it originated from a split of the 817 area code. Beware of potential spam calls from the 940 zone code, and remember it adheres to the Central Time Zone in the USA. The code applies to both landline and cell phone numbers.

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Location of Area Code 940

The 940 zone code is primarily situated in the state of Texas, encompassing areas such as Denton, Wichita Falls, and Corinth. This singular area code is exclusively responsible for serving these regions.

Time Zone of Area Code 940

In terms of time zones, zone code 940 operates within the Central Time Zone, also recognized as America/Chicago. Hence, it’s crucial to note the local time before making any calls to this area code.

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Regions Covered by the 940 Zone Code

The 940 zone code covers many areas in North Texas including Denton and Wichita Falls, near the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Denton, Texas, known as the hub of this area code, boasts a thriving population of approximately 139,869 residents.

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Interface and Proximity of Area Code 940

Impressively, the 940 zone code interfaces with 23 distinct area codes and similarly borders 23 counties. These include Denton, Wichita, Wise, Cooke, Palo Pinto, Montague, Young, Parker, Wilbarger, and Clay counties, to name a few.

Caution Against Spam Calls and Usage

Beware of any potential spam calls originating from this area code, and bear in mind that it applies to both cell phone and landline numbers.

What is the time zone of the 940 code?

The 940 area follows the Central Time Zone, also known as America/Chicago.

Where in the USA is code 940 used?

In the USA, area 940 is predominantly used in northern Texas, particularly around the regions of Denton, Wichita Falls, and Corinth.

Does the 940 Zone code apply to cell phones?

Yes, the 940 zone code can be assigned to both landline and cell phone numbers.


What is the 940 area code location?

The 940 zone code is located in the state of Texas. It primarily serves the areas around Denton and Wichita Falls.

Where is area code 940?

Zone code 940 is located in the US, covering regions in the state of Texas such as Denton, Wichita Falls, and Corinth.

What zone code is 940?

The 940 is an code serving several regions within the state of Texas, including Denton and Wichita Falls.

Are there known spam calls from area code 940?

Yes, like any code, 940 can be used for spam calls. It’s advisable to be cautious about unknown numbers and avoid sharing personal information unless certain about the caller’s identity.

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