985 Area Code: Location in USA, Time Zone and Map

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The 985 area code predominantly serves southeastern Louisiana, excluding the central New Orleans zone. Established in 2001, it was partitioned from the 504 area code.

Brief history of the 985 area code and Hurricane Katrina

Previously, the 985 area code extended to include regions southeast of New Orleans. However, in 2007, these areas reverted to the 504 code due to almost total destruction of local switching facilities caused by Hurricane Katrina.

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These regions, which straddle the Mississippi River in “lower” Plaquemines Parish, include Pointe à la Hache on the east bank and Port Sulphur, Buras, and Boothville on the west bank. Because the closest functional switching facilities were in New Orleans, it was deemed practical to reintegrate these downstream communities into the 504 area code. Dual use of 504 and 985 to connect these areas started on July 29, 2007, and exclusive use of 504 began on July 1, 2008.

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Area Code 985’s Geographic Association and Time Zone

To clarify, the 985 zone code is not associated with California but rather is exclusive to the state of Louisiana in the USA. It also operates within the Central Time Zone.

985 Area Code Location
Major CitiesCountyState/Province
Hammond Tangipahoa LA 
Angie Washington LA 
Bogalusa Washington LA 
Bush St. Tammany LA 
Chackbay Lafourche LA 
Covington St. Tammany LA 
Dulac Terrebonne LA 
Edgard St. John the Baptist LA 
Folsom St. Tammany LA 
Franklinton Washington LA 
Galliano Lafourche LA 
Garyville St. John the Baptist LA 
Gibson Terrebonne LA 
Golden Meadow Lafourche LA 
Grand Isle Jefferson LA 
Houma Terrebonne LA 
Independence Tangipahoa LA 
Kentwood Tangipahoa LA 
Labadieville Assumption LA 
Lacombe St. Tammany LA 
Laplace St. John the Baptist LA 
Larose Lafourche LA 
Leeville Lafourche LA 
Lockport Lafourche LA 
Luling St. Charles LA 
Madisonville St. Tammany LA 
Mandeville St. Tammany LA 
Montegut Terrebonne LA 
Morgan City St. Mary LA 
Mount Hermon Washington LA 
Napoleonville Assumption LA 
Norco St. Charles LA 
Paradis St. Charles LA 
Patterson St. Mary LA 
Pearl River St. Tammany LA 
Pierre Part Assumption LA 
Pine Washington LA 
Ponchatoula Tangipahoa LA 
Raceland Lafourche LA 
Reserve St. John the Baptist LA 
Slidell St. Tammany LA 
Thibodaux Lafourche LA 


What is the 985 Area Code?

The 985 zone code is a telephone dialing code designated for the southeastern part of Louisiana, excluding central New Orleans.

Where is the 985 Area Code Located?

Area zone 985 is located in the state of Louisiana, USA, serving regions in the southeastern part of the state.

Which Major Areas are Covered by the 985 Area Code?

The 985 zone code primarily covers areas like Hammond, Thibodaux, Slidell, Houma, and Morgan City, amongst others in southeastern Louisiana.

Is the 985 Area Code Associated with California?

No, the 985 area code is not associated with California. It is exclusively designated for certain areas in southeastern Louisiana.

What Time Zone Does the 985 Area Code Follow?

The 985 zone code follows the Central Time Zone.

Is the 985 Zone Code Exclusive to Louisiana in the USA?

Yes, the 985 zone code is exclusive to Louisiana in the USA. It is designated for the southeastern part of the state, excluding the central area of New Orleans.

Has the 985 Area Code Always Been Assigned to its Current Location?

No, the 985 zone code was created in 2001 when it was split off from the 504 zone code. Some regions originally under this area code switched back to 504 in 2007 due to logistical issues following Hurricane Katrina.

Are there Any Major Cities Associated with the 985 Zone Code?

Yes, several major cities in Louisiana are associated with the 985 zone code, including Hammond, Thibodaux, Slidell, Houma, and Morgan City, among others.

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