763 Area Code: Location, Time Zone, Map and How can I make a call to a phone number

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We begin our deep dive by investigating the 763 area code. This three-digit number is not just a random collection of numerals, but a specific designation attributed to a distinct geographic region within the United States. The 763 area code belongs to the state of Minnesota, providing coverage for areas in and around the city of Minneapolis.

Area code 763 location map

To truly understand the scope of the 763 code, we invite you to take a visual journey using an area code 763 location map. Such maps are pivotal in understanding the geography of our telecommunications infrastructure. As we analyze these maps, we can see that the 763 zone code predominantly serves the northwest suburbs of Minneapolis, including cities like Brooklyn Park, Plymouth, and Maple Grove.

What area code is 763

One may wonder, what area code is 763? In the grand scheme of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP), 763 stands as a unique identifier for a specific subset of phone numbers within the Minnesota state. This code came into existence as a result of a split from the 612 area code back in 2000, indicating its relative youth in comparison to other codes.

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Where is area code 763

When we explore the question, where is area code 763, we uncover that this code designates a substantial region within the state of Minnesota, specifically around the greater Minneapolis area. Its coverage is broad, encapsulating a variety of urban, suburban, and semi-rural communities, providing each with their own unique contact identifier.

763 Area Code Time Zone

The geographical location of an area code is directly linked with the time zone it operates in. Therefore, the 763 area code time zone corresponds to the Central Time Zone in the United States. This is an essential piece of information for individuals seeking to make phone calls or conduct business in this region, especially when they are located in different time zones.

763 Zone Code State

We’ve addressed this in passing, but let’s answer directly: 763 area code state refers to Minnesota. In the labyrinthine landscape of American telecommunication, each state possesses one or more area codes. Minnesota, for instance, holds several area codes, of which 763 is one, serving its purpose within the telecommunications infrastructure of the state.

Calls or WhatsApp messages from the 432 area code

Interestingly, the conversation often extends to calls or WhatsApp messages from the 432 area code. Similar to the 763 zone code, 432 is another specific identifier within the United States, this time linked with the state of Texas. Both voice calls and text-based communication services such as WhatsApp use these area codes to route communications accurately.

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How to Make a Call to a Phone Number in the 763 zone code

When you’re making a call to a phone number within the 763 zone code, the process depends on where you’re calling from. If you’re in the United States or Canada but outside of the 763 zone code, here’s how you do it:

  1. Access the Dial Pad: You can do this by picking up your landline receiver or by unlocking your cell phone and opening the phone or dialer app.
  2. Enter the Area Code and Phone Number: Begin by dialing ‘1’, which is the country code for the United States and Canada. Following this, dial ‘763’, the zone code for the specific region in Minnesota you’re calling. Then, enter the seven-digit phone number you’re trying to reach.
  3. Dial the Number: After inputting ‘1’, the ‘763’ code, and the seven-digit number, press the ‘call’ or ‘dial’ button, typically shown as a green handset icon. Your call should then be connected.

Here’s what this looks like all together: 1-763-XXX-XXXX.

If you’re calling from another country, you’ll need to know the international access code for your country, followed by the US country code, which is ‘1’. Then, you’ll dial ‘763’ and the seven-digit phone number. So, it might look like this: [Your country’s exit code] – 1 – 763 – XXX-XXXX.

Remember, the 763 area code is associated with the Central Time Zone. If you’re calling from a different time zone, ensure you’re aware of the potential time difference to avoid calling at an inappropriate time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 763 area code?

The 763 zone code is a numerical identifier for a geographic region encompassing the northwest suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota. It serves a crucial role in routing telecommunication connections within this specific area.

Where can I find an area code 763 location map?

An area zone 763 location map can be easily located using online map services or telecommunication resources. These maps offer a detailed geographical representation of the regions served by the 763 code.

What state is associated with the 763 zone code?

The 763 code state is Minnesota. It primarily serves the northwest suburbs of Minneapolis and other surrounding regions within the state.

What time zone does the 763 zone code follow?

The 763 area code time zone follows the Central Time Zone. This is an important piece of information for scheduling calls to this area, especially from different time zones.

Are there any major cities within the 763 zone code?

The 763 code includes several significant cities in Minnesota. Key among these are Brooklyn Park, Plymouth, and Maple Grove. All are located within the greater Minneapolis area, contributing to the economic and cultural vitality of the state.

What’s the origin of the 763 area code?

The 763 zone code was created as part of a split from the 612 code in 2000. This was due to the increasing demand for phone numbers in the region, a common reason for the introduction of new area codes.

What should I do about calls or WhatsApp messages from the 432 zone code?

Calls or WhatsApp messages from the 432 area code are coming from Texas, as 432 is the area code designated for this region. As with any unsolicited communication, be cautious and ensure you know who is contacting you before responding.


In summary, the 763 area code represents a vibrant and dynamic region within the state of Minnesota, encompassing multiple cities in the suburbs of Minneapolis. Its existence, stemming from a split from the 612 area code, allows for a more manageable distribution of phone numbers within the state. Following the Central Time Zone, residents and businesses within this area are connected not only to each other but also to the wider world. Whether through standard voice calls or through modern communication platforms like WhatsApp, these area codes serve as vital components of our interconnected society.

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