Where is area code 319 location in USA?

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One could never underestimate the importance of area codes in our daily life. Today, we’ll explore the enigmatic 319 area code, its location, and other associated elements that make it unique. From its geographic position to time zone, zip code, and its link with the golden state of California, we’re embarking on an exploration of this unique numerical sequence: the 319 area code.

What Area Code is 319?

The 319 area code belongs to the North American Numbering Plan (NANP), an integrated telephone numbering system used by twenty countries, including the USA. Assigned in the 1940s, the 319 code has a deep-rooted history and serves a significant part of eastern Iowa, USA.

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319 Area Code Location: The Heart of the Midwest

CityZip Code Range
Cedar Rapids52401-52411
Iowa City52240-52246
Fort Madison52627
North Liberty52317
Mason City50401
Mount Pleasant52641

Where is Area Code 319?

Area 319 is located in the eastern part of Iowa, encompassing key cities like Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, Iowa City, and Burlington. It’s a region known for its enchanting landscapes, excellent educational institutions, and a solid blend of urban and rural communities.

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319 Area Code: A Deeper Dive Into The Locations

Under the umbrella of the 319 area, there are several major cities and communities. Let’s delve deeper into these unique locations.

1. Cedar Rapids

Nicknamed “The City of Five Seasons,” Cedar Rapids is the second-largest city in Iowa and a cultural and economic hub within the 319 code region.

2. Waterloo

Waterloo is known for its diversity and rich history, playing an important role in the civil rights movement and having a vibrant cultural scene.

3 Lowa City

Home to the prestigious University of Iowa, Iowa City is a bustling university town with a rich literary history.

4. Burlington

Burlington, situated on the bank of the Mississippi River, is famous for its Snake Alley, dubbed the “crookedest street in the world.”

The 319 Area Code Time Zone

A critical element to discuss when exploring an area code is the time zone. So, let’s look at that.

Time Flows in the Central Time Zone

The 319 area falls within the Central Time Zone (CT). This means it follows Central Standard Time (CST, UTC−6) during the fall and winter and switches to Central Daylight Time (CDT, UTC−5) in the spring and summer, in sync with daylight saving time.

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319 Area Code California: The Myth

The 319 area is often mistakenly linked with California, but this isn’t the case. 319 is firmly rooted in eastern Iowa and has no connections with any California cities or regions.

319 Area Code in the USA: A Country-Wide Perspective

Having established the 319 area code’s roots in Iowa, it’s essential to situate it within a broader context – the USA.

319 Area Code USA: A Midwest Marvel

Area code 319 is an integral part of the telecommunication system in the USA, especially in the Midwest region. Despite being one among the country’s over 300 area codes, it uniquely represents a slice of American life, culture, and community, encapsulating the charming and dynamic spirit of Iowa’s eastern region.

319 Area Code Zip Codes: Unraveling the Postal Connections

The relationship between area codes and zip codes is both intricate and fascinating. So, what zip codes are connected with the 319 code?

Zip Codes Linked with Area Code 319

While the 319 code itself doesn’t have a zip code, the cities it encompasses have various zip codes. For example, Cedar Rapids has zip codes ranging from 52401 to 52411, Iowa City’s zip codes start from 52240 and go up to 52246, and so on. These zip codes work in tandem with the 319 code to keep the region well-connected.


When was the 319 area code first implemented?

The 319 area code was first implemented on January 1, 1947, as one of the 86 original area codes created by AT&T and the Bell System.

Is the 319 area code projected to run out of numbers?

As of the current data, the 319 code is not projected to exhaust its number pool in the near future.

Are there any notable places or landmarks within the 319 area code?

Yes, several. The University of Iowa, the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, and the Black Hawk Park in Waterloo are among the many highlights within the 319 area.

How many cities does the 319 area code cover?

The 319 area code covers over 90 cities, including major ones like Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, Iowa City, and Burlington.

What are some of the prominent industries in the 319 area code region?

Agriculture, manufacturing, healthcare, and education are some of the key industries in the 319 code region.

Are there plans to overlay a new area code in the 319 region?

As of now, there are no imminent plans to overlay a new area code in the 319 region.


Understanding area codes like the 319 can provide a fascinating glimpse into the geographic and cultural nuances of our interconnected world. The 319 area, rooted in the vibrant and diverse region of eastern Iowa, is more than a set of digits; it’s a symbol of community, history, and the shared experiences of those living within its boundaries.

So the next time you dial a number beginning with 319, remember, you’re reaching out to a small part of the world with its unique character and charm, nestled in the heart of the American Midwest.

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